Many other of you may already know that one can buy ‘McVities Chocolate Digestives’ at BQ Supermarket, available in milk and dark chocolate varieties.

If you have already purchased a box or 5 of these tasty chocy biscuits then once home put them in the fridge to keep fresh and crispy you will no doubt have experienced a problem when it comes to devouring the little buggaz!

As they stand in very warm temperatures in the store the chocolate tends to melt a little. After cooling in the fridge the chocolate hardens again but sticks to the next biscuit in the pack resulting in all biscuits stuck together. Difficult to seperate except by using a knife and even then not separating perfectly as at times meaning having to munch one and a half or even two biccies at a time (yummy). Image attached.

RR CC Chubz says ‘seperate biscuits before cooling in fridge to perfect a non stick result but don’t let this prevent you eating two at a time double deck style!’
How I keep my figure I do not know.


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