First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of breakfast and beer o’clock news lately but as I’m sure you will understand been a tad izzy lizzy with Little Britain.

A mixed start to the day this morning. Expecting to wake up to a brown out thinking Boheco did not finish the work yesterday because of bad weather and would continue in today’s sunshine. Does not seem that way, so thats a good start.

Then fresh out of the shower, dried off and back in to the bedroom. Underpantz first, nowt worse than getting yer little toe stuck in one of the leg holes of yer undies. Struggling to release the said ickle toe and loosing ones balance falling on to the bed in a heap like a big Rowntrees Jelly! Not good so thats 1-1.

Currently back in the lead at 2-1 following my breakfast order of hot baked beans and sliced hot dog sausage on toast topped with grilled cheese and a spŕinkle of black pepper! You can take the lad out of Sunderland but you can not take Sunderland out of the lad!

See image attached of both tickle toes and Sunderland breakfast speciality. Lets see how the rest of the day goes?

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