Live from The Situation Bar on a stormy Alona Beach

Very breezy here on da playa with forked lightening striking out at sea. Cold beer been striking at Aluna Bar and now at Henann. Aparently I missed Aluna Bar off the Happy Hour list some weeks ago. I shall investigate and let you know but of course if I did then all the operators had to do was contact me so I could correct. No correspondance to date.

Major construction at Alona Kew Resort on the beach now. Steel girders waiting to be mounted. Talking of being mounted ……. no better not.

A quiet day today thank foook. Back to normality tomorrow. Yes it will be Monday already.

Ooh a passenger jet just flew over in and out of the black clouds on its way in to Tagbi. They’ll be pleased to get off. Talking about getting off …… no best not. I can now hear a prop job in the clouds to. Unusual.

My footy teams not doing very well (again) but The Mighty Exeter are, as they are known as these dayz!

Hasta Luego Amigos y Amigas. Hasta Manana. Bunas Tardes.

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