Alona Beach is the main and most famous beach here. Originally occupied by dive tourists as it’s the closest beach with good water depth at all tides to most of the best dive sights around Panglao Island. Over the years it has also become a destination for seaside sunbathers and those wanting a beach base for onward discovery of Bohol main island. Nowadays it’s busier than ever with many new resorts, bars and restaurants on the beach as well as in the streets behind the beach including The Strip which is the lane leading from the main highway to the beach.

The biggest expanse of sandy beach however is White Beach. Separated from Alona Beach by a kilometre of rocky outcrops White Beach is best recommended for walking and frolicking in the shallow turquoise waters. Kilometres of pristine white coral sand as far as the eye can see, somewhat like White Beach Boracay but not much commercialism as only a couple of upmarket resorts located there plus a few native style Filipino resorts. The new International Bohol Airport due to be ready for service in 2018 and sited here on Panglao Island will further promote tourism. It is widely perceived that White Beach will eventually become the main tourist beach, but not for divers as the waters are to shallow to launch and recover the dive boats.

There are many small and medium size beaches located around Panglao Island. Bikini Beach is another on this side of the island. If you get out and about and take roads leading to the sea on every side of the island you will discover a mixture of white sand and rocky havens away from the hustle and bustle of tourist land. Panglao has a beach for everyone!

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