Island Transport

There are various public transport methods to help you get around Panglao Island if you are not using a hired driver or tour van.  the options also take you to Tagbilaran City including the ferry port and airport.

Jeepney’s, Tricycles and Habal Habal (motorbike with rider).

Jeepney’s by far the cheapest for longer journeys but also the slowest, Habal Habal your next lower price option and best option for very short journeys then Tricycles depending how many passengers.  Always negotiate your fare with Tricycle and Habal Habal drivers before you commit.

Taxi’s are available from Tagbilaran City but rarely used on Panglao Island with the exception of the larger hotels around Alona Beach area booking them for airport and ferry port transfers.  You may however be lucky and flag a taxi who has dropped off passengers and looking for a job.


For Bohol Tours and trips further afield ask at the tour operator stalls.

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