LITTLE BRITAIN the Inn – Live Opening 18th October 2017


Front line Eastern Highway, Mayacabac Plaza, Dauis. Located in the same complex/plaza as Boyko Sausage Jonny and his family Maxi Mart Shop.

Little Britain is a themed family restaurant and bar with the addition of four very good quality bedrooms, hence the name ‘The Inn’. The restaurant will serve traditional British Pub Grub as well as Curry Chef Chubbuz authentic and highly recommended Indian Cuisine (BIR style).

Brit Pub favourites such as Bangers ‘n’ Mash, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Boozy Beef Casserole and Jacket Spuds as well as a Beautiful British Kebab! Breakfast will be served from 7.30am to 10.30am including Traditional Cooked British as well as American, Pinoy and Continental style. Lunch time specials, freshly made sandwiches and a kidz menu will complete the Pub Grub scene.

Indian food will be served on an evening although there are one or two selections on the lunch time specials menu. Most dishes will be available as hot take out as well as restaurant service and the frozen Indian format will still be available albeit as collection as delivery initially will prove to time taking as I’m sure you can understand.

A full drinks menu will be offered including extensive wine selection and top shelf spirits. Wait until you see the Smoothy Shakes and Shakey Shakes on offer!

Promotions Galore on food and drink, something for everyone! Decor will include many images of our beloved Little Britain and there will even be a photo opportunity or two near the entrance to the restaurant.

We think you will love this new offering and for those who live in the mid to northern most reaches of Panglao this will fill a void like you never imagined. Tagbillaran residents should also benefit from it’s close vicinity, only a short hop across the big bridge, up the bank and you are there! Those who frequently travel up and down from Alona to Tagbi will surely welcome a journey’s break on the highway with ample car and motorbike parking available.

So not long to go now, the restaurant and bar first then the bedrooms. Get ready for ‘Open the Box’ and ‘Buckets ‘n’ Spades’ ….. you’ll see what I mean sooner rather than later!

We hope to see all of our friends who so kindly frequented the last couple of restaurants we were involved with here on Panglao and so enjoyed what we provided. We look forward to meeting folks a new to of course.

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